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The Energy Saving Trust Eco Labels

The Energy saving trust are an NGO, design to help the UK save energy as a nation, they advise people and industry on ways to save energy, as well as offering grants or loans to help implement changes.

Energy Saving Trust


Which Labels do the Energy Saving Trust Use?

energy saving trust eco label

According to the Energy Saving Trust (EST), the average household could save £250 a year by being more energy efficient – the equivalent to saving 1.5 tonnes of C02. Reduced power consumption in consumer electronics is just one way that can help consumers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

A series of national and international ‘eco-labels’ can be awarded to particular UK products and brands to help the consumer in their buying decision. Eco-labels, awarded by independent bodies, confirm that a product meets strict environmental performance criteria and has very low impact on the environment.

Products have been awarded eco-labels for energy saving and/or advanced environmental performance.

energy saving trust eco label

The Energy Saving Recommended (ESR) scheme is run by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) in the UK for integrated digital TVs (IDTVs) and a host of other household electronics, that meet specific criteria.

The ESR accreditation aims to endorse the top 20% of the market identified in terms of energy efficiency. Products displaying the distinctive blue logo are the most efficient in there category, achieving less than or equal to 1W power consumption in standby mode and less than or equal to 250W in the on-mode.