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Is there any legislation that relates to eco labels?

The EU has released various bits of legislation with regards to eco labels. A summary of which are listed below:

EC Regulation 880/92  

"The aims of Council Regulation (EEC) No 880/92 of 23 March 1992 on a Community eco-label award

scheme (4) were to establish a voluntary Community eco-label scheme intended to promote products with a
reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle and to provide consumers with accurate, non deceptive and scientifically based information on the environmental impact of products."

880/92 Full Text
EC Regulation 1980/2000

"The eco-label may be awarded to a product possessing characteristics which enable it to contribute significantly to improvements in relation to key environmental aspects"

1980/2000 Full Text
EC Regulation 66/2010

"The EU Ecolabel scheme is part of the sustainable conĀ­sumption and production policy of the Community, which aims at reducing the negative impact of consumption and production on the environment, health, climate and natural resources. The scheme is intended to promote those products which have a high level of environmental performance through the use of the EU Ecolabel. To this effect, it is appropriate to require that the criteria with which products must comply in order to bear the EU Ecolabel be based on the best environmental performance achieved by products on the Community market. Those criteria should be simple to understand and to use and should be based on scientific evidence, taking into consideration the latest technological developments. Those criteria should be market oriented and limited to the most significant environmental impacts of products during their whole life cycle."

66/2010 Full Text

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