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Eco Label FAQs

What does do to be green? Yuck - "Green" what a nebulous term.

Not as much as it should! We use "green" hosting, which is a start. It is a lot easier writing about being green than it is actually doing it. If any one has any ideas about how to make the website greener, then by all means contact us. eco web hosting

"Super Green Hosting has been committed to the environment since the beginning, we were one of the first green webhosting providers out there and we continue to strive TO PROVIDE THE GREENEST SERVICE AVAILABLE in the green web hosting market. "

Very few people realize the true impact the web hosting industry has on the environment, the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV let alone the data center where the server is located which consumes on average as much electricity as 30,000 households.

Let’s put it another way… your website is hosted on a server which on average produces around 12½ Tonnes of CO2 each year, that is a huge amount of CO2!

Each year your PC produces half a tonNe, your car produces 5 TONNES, AND your home produces 6½ TONNES – THIS MEANS on average EACH PERSON IS responsible for 12 tonNes of the CO2 that is produced each year! THAT is a huge amount of CO2 AND SHOWS WHY we are so insistent in our beliefs IN GREEN HOSTING.

Green Hosting

As a Super Green customer, your website will be hosted on one of our super reliable “Green” Dell servers. These servers produce 20% less CO2 than the average server, for the other 80% we are INVOLVED in a tree planting project which aims to neutralize our (and your) affects on the environment.

Super Green Hosting is a carbon neutral project meaning your website will not have any effect on the environment. If you want to go a step further and reverse the affects of global warming your kind generosity is welcomed by our special green addons that will allow you to plant more trees, purchase green energy certificates for your website and much much more. Super Green Hosting provides users with Green badges for to display on your website and show you really care about the impact your website has on the environment. "

The above info sounds a bit waffle ridden, I have requested further info.