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When will all products have eco labels?

Money, money, money . . . .root of all evil?

If you product is responsibly made then there is no harm in having an eco label on it. Problem is it costs money to implement an eco labelling scheme.

If you look at the main uptake in say carbon labelling, you will see its virtually all done by big companies those that can afford all of the consultancy fees. If you have a quick butchers at the carbon labelling how it works page you will see that there is a massive amount of information that needs to be collected be fore a carbon footprint can be calculated.

Some labels are easier to implement than others. For example an FSC sustainability label on a piece of chipboard, may be easier to implement than a carbon label. A well managed forestry company may have FSC certification, and if you source the wood from their then bingo! Slap on the label (obviously SIMPLIFIED).

Green labels that originate from a study of there qualitative supply chain are considerably cheaper to implement than those that rely on quantitative analysis of their supply chain.

Image: Farm Service Administration [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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