Eco Labels


Eco Label FAQs

Why isn't it law for all products to have eco labels?

It is completely unrealistic for all products to have eco labels on them, at the moment producers / retailers foot the bill for getting their products labelled and it costs them a great deal of time and effort.

It may look like a sticker to you but that sticker might represent 100s of man / lady hours, intercontinental travel, and redesign of packaging etc. This all costs money, it may get cheaper in the future but who knows.

The government likes the top down approach at present, if we take Carbon for example, they tax company depending on their emissions, and the consumer rarely hears of a companies performance.

However, if a company had to display the performance of its products on the products themselves, then wouldn't that be more transparent. You could choose you tin of ravioli based on its ethical credentials or carbon footprint. This may result in low impact products selling in greater quantities, and thusly rewarding their creators. But there will also be a balance between the price of goods, people will probably have to pay more for greener goods, and just as cheap shoddy goods sell now they will sell in the future.